Here at Edward’s Pharmacy we sale some of the best fishing rods in town. We have Shakespeare, DAIWA, Zebco, EagleClaw, Shimano, & Okuma Fishing Rods. Swing by today and check out our inventory! Also if you want to save some money ask one of our employees about the 10% OFF Fishing Club Discount Card!

We specialize in speckled trout, rock, and red drum fishing. Whether it’s stick baits, deep divers, top water baits, grubs, or whatever your particular target may want; the staff here at Edwards Pharmacy can help you catch “the big one”. We have a wide selection of fishing line, hooks, weights, leaders, and other terminal tackle. We have something for our freshwater fishermen too. Come see our line of Betts Spins, Cajun Spins, Bucktails and Rooster Tails. We’re certain you’ll be happy with the amount of choices you have in regards to size, weight and color. We even have those classic cane poles that everyone know about and love. We also have a large selection of rods and reels. Whether it’s just a rod you need, or just a reel, we sell them individually and we also have a large number of preformed combos. So the next time you are wanting to plan a fishing trip. Stop by and get us involved. If you can’t find something here to help you catch a fish, then maybe it’s time to start a new hobby! Check out our pictures below. Also for all of you fish lovers, we have a 10% off discount card! Next time your in just ask any of our employees and you will receive one. Fishing cards expire 12/31/2015.

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